Download the Xion Daemon

How to download pre-built versions of the xiond binary

We provide pre-built versions of the xiond binary.

This section shows how to avail yourself of these versions, should you prefer.

⚠️ Development environment

We use Docker and Kubernetes internally at Burnt Labs.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with these technologies, and have a pre-existing installation on your workstation.

Adequate installation and configuration of your environment is out of scope. Please refer to the appropriate documentation for assistance.

Download the image from Docker Hub

  • We publish Docker images to Docker Hub on every commit to main.

  • The image versions are tagged with the short Git SHA.

  • We do not use the latest tag, to avoid confusion and mistakes.

$ docker pull burntnetwork/xion:latest

For more up to date tags checkout the docker hub page for this image here

Obtain a shell in the Docker container

  • We can now invoke the xiond binary inside the container.

$ docker run -ti burntnetwork/xion:latest /bin/bash
# xiond version
# xiond version --long
# xiond --help

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