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Build the Xion Daemon

How to build the xiond binary
If you want to build the xiond binary yourself, this section will show you how.
Development environment
The Xion Daemon is written using the Go programming language.
This guide assumes you have a pre-existing installation on your workstation.
Adequate installation and configuration of your environment is out of scope. Please refer to the appropriate documentation for assistance.
Go Versions
We use Go version 1.19 internally at Burnt.
If you are building the binary yourself, please make sure you are using Go 1.19, as we have observed consensus-breaking behavior on nodes that are not running the same version as the majority of the network. A specific symptom of this would be an AppHash mismatch.

Fetch the Source Code

  • Use git to retrieve the Xion repository, whose default branch contains the latest and greatest code.
$ git clone https://github.com/burnt-labs/xion.git
$ git clone https://github.com/burnt-labs/xion.git -b vX.Y.Z

Build the Binary

  • We provide a Makefile with several targets common to projects in the Cosmos ecosystem.
$ make install

Verify that the Binary was installed

  • Assuming everything went well, the binary is now available in your $PATH
$ xiond version
$ xiond version --long
$ xiond --help
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