Build the Xion Daemon

How to build the xiond binary

If you want to build the xiond binary yourself, this section will show you how.

⚠️ Development environment

The Xion Daemon is written using the Go programming language.

This guide assumes you have a pre-existing installation on your workstation.

Adequate installation and configuration of your environment is out of scope. Please refer to the appropriate documentation for assistance.

⚠️ Go Versions

We use Go version 1.21 internally at Burnt.

If you are building the binary yourself, please make sure you are using Go 1.21, as we have observed consensus-breaking behavior on nodes that are not running the same version as the majority of the network. A specific symptom of this would be an AppHash mismatch.

Fetch the Source Code

  • Use git to retrieve the Xion repository, whose default branch contains the latest and greatest code.

$ git clone
$ git clone -b vX.Y.Z

Build the Binary

  • We provide a Makefile with several targets common to projects in the Cosmos ecosystem.

$ make install

Verify that the Binary was installed

  • Assuming everything went well, the binary is now available in your $PATH

$ xiond version
$ xiond version --long
$ xiond --help

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