Obtain funds from the xion-testnet-1 faucet (for validators only)

Join the Burnt Discord

Your first step should be to join the community over on Discord:

Obtain the Validator Role

Note: The current testnet has a genesis set and the Validator role is not currently being granted. It will be expanded in the future.

Request Funds in the Faucet channel

Once you've been granted the Validator role, you'll have access to the Validator-specific Discord channels, including the Faucet.

Among its denizens is the Beelzebot, which listens for slash commands.

Request your Funds using the /faucet slash command, like so:

You'll be prompted for confirmation; double-check that your destination wallet address is correct.

  • Selecting No will cancel the transaction.

  • Selecting Yes will send funds to the desired wallet address.

⚠️ 24 Hour Cooldown

To help mitigate bad actors spamming the faucet, we've implemented a 24-hour cooldown on each successful Faucet request.

We've also set an upper limit to the amount of funds a given address can request from the Faucet.

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