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Brief overview of XION, the Generalized Abstraction layer


🔥 XION is the first modular Generalized Abstraction layer, purpose built for consumer adoption by enabling seamless user experiences for everyday users.
XION’s novel Generalized Abstraction at the protocol level spans Accounts, Signatures, Gas, Interoperability, Pricing, Devices, Payments, and more. By abstracting away all crypto complexities, XION allows the development of next-generation projects bringing Web3 to mainstream audiences worldwide.


Raised over $11M from industry leading investors including Animoca Brands, Circle Ventures, Multicoin, Valor, Hashkey, Spartan, Mechanism, Figment, Coinlist Seed, Injective, Alliance DAO, Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), and more.

Rapid Traction & Ecosystem Growth

The XION ecosystem already has 75+ top-tier deployments, integrations, and partnerships.

Infrastructure - Generalized Abstraction Layer 1 Chain

  • Generalized Abstraction: unique and primitive protocol-level abstraction that spans Accounts, Signatures, Payments, Pricing, Interoperability, Devices, Gas, and more to make Web3 accessible to everyone, everywhere.
    • Account Abstraction — XION is the first chain to have modular account abstraction at the protocol level
    • Signature Abstraction — XION is the first chain to be signature-curve agnostic, enabling the signing of transactions using FaceID, Passkeys, EVM curve, Solana curve, and more
    • Abstracted Interoperability — XION enables true interoperability through cross-chain one-click checkout and staking with any token
    • Pricing Abstraction — XION is the first chain to utilize familiar fiat denominated pricing, also eliminating asset volatility
    • Device Abstraction — XION provides robust support and efficient operations across various devices
    • Payment Abstraction — The XION chain runs via direct credit and debit card transactions
    • Gas Abstraction — XION eliminates the concept of gas fees entirely for the end user
  • XION’s infrastructure allows the development of next-generation mass-market projects through unparalleled user-friendly experiences. This is made possible by its familiar login methods, seamless mobile support, lightning-fast gasless transactions, native on & off ramps, global direct credit/debit card purchasing, familiar fiat denomination, interoperability with 50+ other networks, and more.
    • XION’s L1 abstracts away all crypto complexities for users to enable mass adoption
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Accounts: XION pioneers modular account abstraction at the protocol level.
Traditional wallets are notorious for causing a staggering 95%+ drop-off in user onboarding. The necessity to download plugins, endure complex setups, navigate confusing pop-ups, understand and safely store seed phrases, and cope with a generally off-putting user experience are major deterrents for non-technical users. The antidote to this is account abstraction and the initiation of smart contract accounts (SCAs). Not only do they allow familiar login methods such as email for users, but they also unlock other security enhancements like account recovery, account permissioning, and much more. In addition, XION’s abstract accounts remain invisible to the rest of the protocol. This design, subtle yet impactful, ensures that developers can focus on creating value without needing to make any special considerations for these accounts.
Signatures: Through complete Signature Abstraction, XION breaks the mold as the first chain to support signing across all cryptographic curves.
This breakthrough means XION enables the signing of transactions using Apple’s FaceID, Passkeys, JWTs, EVM curve, Solana curve, and beyond. Moreover, given XION’s modular approach, it's primed for extending support to many more signature schemes as new ones emerge, rendering XION ‘future-proof’. Also, when utilizing non-wallet authenticators like JWTs, FaceID, NFCs, ZKs, and the likes, no trusted proxies or oracles are needed since communication occurs directly against the chain. This not only heightens security but also aligns perfectly with the Web3 ethos of trustlessness.
Interoperability: XION is truly interoperable with all ecosystems, allowing users the power to initiate cross-chain one-click checkout and staking with any token.
Especially in an industry flush with different chains and tokens, it’s pivotal for XION to be accessible to all users. Through its Abstracted Interoperability, XION taps into the liquidity of all ecosystems by enabling users from any chain and with any token to transact/stake/and ultimately operate with XION seamlessly.
Pricing: XION is the first chain to utilize familiar fiat-denominated pricing throughout the chain, made possible by combining multiple facets of its abstraction.
This innovation has many benefits related to security, stability, and familiarity. Given USDC is native to the ecosystem, users don’t have to worry about bridging risks. In addition, fiat-denominated assets eliminate price volatility, enabling many consumer-facing use-cases not previously possible. Lastly, it enables all assets on XION to be denominated in familiar currency to everyday users.
Gas: XION completely removes the concept of gas fees from the end user’s perspective.
Gas fees have been one of Web3’s biggest hurdles for new users. Besides introducing an unfamiliar concept to new users, the process of acquiring the necessary gas tokens is a major barrier to entry in most ecosystems. This turns out to be a significant barrier not just for end-users but app builders as well, as they are burdened with gas management and procurement. XION entirely eradicates this entry barrier for users by leveraging its protocol-level abstraction and built-in paymasters.
Payments: XION streamlines payments via direct credit and debit card transactions, eradicating the traditional purchasing complexities seen in other chains, courtesy of its unique fee abstraction.
In conventional chains, the current process of purchasing items on-chain with fiat is a herculean task, often involving 15+ steps and sometimes extending over a week to complete. A user must endure the ordeal of signing up to a centralized exchange, performing KYC, waiting for their money to transfer, dealing with wallets, bridging the funds, swapping to the correct currency, and more before making a purchase. Contrary to this, XION, with 95%+ authorization rates, instantly reaching around 6 billion credit/debit card holders, and facilitates purchases in less than 60 seconds from start to finish, offers a purchasing experience that truly mirrors that of a familiar Web2 e-commerce website.
Devices: XION fully abstracts away the concept of wallet plugins or apps, enabling users to access their XION accounts in myriad ways—whether it's by email, FaceID, Passkeys, or other methods — providing robust support and efficient operations across various devices.
The ability to effortlessly support all devices, especially mobile, is the gateway to true retail adoption. A significant chunk of all digital interactions occur on mobile devices. However, the current mobile crypto wallets are a security risk, don’t translate well between different devices, require users to unsafely travel with their seed phrase, and the current UI/UX of in-app browsers is incredibly under-performant. XION’s infrastructure, on the other hand, ensures ease of access to accounts from any device. Moreover, it allows the separation of login from assets, creating a safe avenue for users to interact with new apps without putting their assets at risk. In essence, it permits users to access XION’s ecosystem anytime, anywhere, safely.
For more information please visit docs.burnt.com

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