Overview of XION

The Generalized Abstraction layer one blockchain


XION is the first modular Generalized Abstraction layer, purpose built for consumer adoption by enabling seamless user experiences for everyday users.

XION’s Generalized Abstraction layer includes protocol-level abstractions across Accounts, Signatures, Gas, Interoperability, Pricing, Devices, Payments, and more. By abstracting away all crypto complexities, XION allows the development of next-generation projects bringing Web3 to mainstream audiences worldwide.

Read more about XION's Generalized Abstraction layer at xion.burnt.com/whitepaper.pdf

Generalized Abstraction Layer 1 Chain

  • Generalized Abstraction: unique protocol-level abstraction that spans Accounts, Signatures, Payments, Pricing, Interoperability, Devices, Gas, and more to make Web3 accessible to everyone, everywhere.

    • Account Abstraction — XION has account abstraction (aka Meta Accounts) at the protocol level

    • Signature Abstraction — XION is the first chain to be signature-curve agnostic, enabling the signing of transactions using email, biometrics (FaceID, Passkeys, etc.), EVM curve, Solana curve, and more

    • Gas Abstraction — XION eliminates the concept of gas fees entirely for the end user

    • Pricing Abstraction — XION is the first chain to utilize familiar fiat denominated pricing, also eliminating asset volatility

    • Abstracted Interoperability — XION enables true cross-chain interoperability

    • Device Abstraction — XION provides safe and efficient operations across various devices through its Meta Accounts & signature abstraction

    • Payment Abstraction — The XION chain is token-agnostic, enabling users to transact with any token of choice as well as direct credit and debit card transactions

  • XION’s infrastructure allows the development of next-generation mass-market projects through unparalleled user-friendly experiences. This is made possible by its Meta Accounts, seamless device support, lightning-fast gasless transactions, extremely low fees, native on & off ramps, global direct credit/debit card purchasing, familiar fiat denomination, interoperability with 50+ other networks, and more.

    • XION’s L1 abstracts away all crypto complexities for users to enable mass adoption


Raised over $11M from industry leading investors including Animoca Brands, Circle Ventures, Multicoin, Valor, Hashkey, Spartan, Mechanism, Figment, Stateless Ventures, Coinlist Seed, Injective, Alliance DAO, Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), and more.

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