XION's Meta Accounts

Protocol-Level Account Abstraction


XION’s modular meta accounts introduce a highly adaptable and secure account creation & management framework.

Built at the protocol-level, meta accounts have a host of benefits over traditional crypto wallets and enable novel Web3 application use-cases.


Web2 Logins

Enables non crypto-native users to login with familiar methods such as email.

Versatile Device Support

Enables a user to interact securely and seamlessly from any device of their choice using the same account.

Session Keys

Enables an account to maintain security by providing time-limited sessions, proactively reducing the risks associated with potential key compromise.

Account Recovery

Enables the ability to recover an account if one of the authentication methods is lost by the user.

Bundled Transactions

Enables an account to send multiple transactions at once, reducing latency for high-frequency transaction applications such as games.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enables a robust security structure ensuring that access and control within the account adheres to specific, customizable parameters defined by the account owner when executing transactions.

Custom Rule Sets

Enables account owners to set any number of custom rules that govern the account, ranging from transaction limits to recurring payments.

Audience Versatility

Enables dApp developers to seamlessly cater to both crypto-native and non crypto-native audiences, vastly expanding their total addressable market.


Digital Banking App

A digital banking application leverages generalized abstraction to allow customers to set temporary session keys for limited-time access, ensuring higher security for transactions while allowing the users to also define their own transaction limits and conditions. These users can also set up multiple authentication method requirements for large transactions, as well as the ability to recover account information should they lose access to certain authentication methods.

Global Messenger & Venmo App

A decentralized messaging service leverages generalized abstraction to enable users to safely access their messaging chats seamlessly with the same account, whether they're using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Users are able to remit funds globally, sending assets cross-border through gasless transactions directly within the messaging app.

Creator Economy App

A decentralized content streaming service leverages generalized abstraction to create subscription-based accounts, where users are automatically charged monthly through smart contract triggers without needing manual renewals. Creators and their fans of all ages are able to frictionlessly create these accounts, and access the content from all their devices.

Gaming App

An on-chain game leverages generalized abstraction to enable the seamless use of session keys, batching of transactions, and gasless transactions to enable smooth and secure gameplay without endangering the user’s assets, all while reducing latency.

Web2 DAO

An online collaborative platform leverages generalized abstraction to set up decentralized organizations where members have different permission levels, enabling non-technical users to participate in governance or decision-making processes through intuitive, familiar Web2 interfaces.

Cloud Storage App

A decentralized cloud storage platform leverages generalized abstraction to enable a family to seamlessly access their content across multiple devices. Through the use of account permissions, family members have different levels of access and editing privileges.

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