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About XION

What is XION?

XION is the world’s first truly consumer-facing Layer-1 blockchain that abstracts away the complexities of crypto, making Web3 accessible to the next billion non-technical users.
Just like the internet, users shouldn't need to understand how it works in order to benefit from it. XION is targeting widespread adoption by developers, creators, brands and consumers alike, so it has taken a human-centric approach by building around four benefits essential to all audiences:
  • Modularity: Consumer facing toolkit that includes seamless on & off ramping, direct credit card purchases, safe account abstraction, mobile support, fiat denomination, NFC toolkit, infrastructure specialization, and more.
  • Crypto Abstraction: XION's goal is to make the user experience as seamless as possible for individuals of all backgrounds. For developers, this means removing technical barriers so they can focus on real-time opportunities, creative applications of Web3, and finding solutions to novel use-cases. For users, this means they are interacting with the blockchain and benefiting from it, without knowing or needing to understand all its complexities and jargon.
  • Premium Nature: XION's permissions-based approach ensures that participants are building within an ecosystem of high-quality and trust. This bespoke community also ensures that the ecosystem is tailored to the needs of its users. This doesn't compromise on interoperability given XION's interconnectedness to 50+ of the largest blockchains.
  • Reciprocity: The XION ecosystem benefits from network effects from the products built by the core development team that exponentially create value across the entire blockchain.
To date, XION has built a rapidly growing community and is backed by top tier investors
  • Over $11M raised from investors including Animoca Brands, Circle Ventures, Multicoin, Hashkey, Spartan, and others
  • Incredibly fast growing and engaged community, with more than 200,000 social media followers spanning a global community
  • Over 300,000 participations in testnet early access quests
Burnt (XION) Investors

Why build on XION?

XION allows the development of next-generation mass-market projects with seamless user onboarding, low to no fees, full native account abstraction with MPC security and smooth email login, mobile support, lightning-fast transactions, instant finality, native on & off ramps, direct credit/debit card purchasing, fiat denomination, includes native interoperability with hundreds of other networks, and more.
By building on XION, you're able to create a specialized, curated experience for users worldwide and offer a familiar Web2 experience mirrored throughout the entire ecosystem. Building and deploying on XION has many benefits including:
  • First, it allows shaping the economics of the ecosystem from the ground up through a tokenomics design that prioritizes long-term ecosystem sustainability. This is core to achieving XION’s mission through the proper alignment of incentives from the infrastructure, to the developers, to the products, to the creators, and to the end-users.
  • Next, molding the infrastructure was the only way to achieve XION’s goal of completely abstracting away the complexities of crypto in order to open up an immense array of real-world use cases. Through familiar email logins, direct credit/debit card transactions, no gas fees, mobile support, familiar fiat denomination, and more, XION is the first Layer 1 able to properly tap into billions of non-technical users around the world.
  • Lastly, through the flexibility and customizability of the infrastructure layer, XION has the unique opportunity to deliver the best-in-class user experiences while facilitating new innovative features. One such example is XION’s SoCC (scheduled-on-chain-computation aka on-chain cron jobs) primitive. The first Layer 1 to have on-chain, trustless cron jobs which open up a world of possibilities and use-cases for developers.
As made clear above, core to the XION ecosystem is the focus on abstracting away the technical complexities of crypto. In building a toolkit that makes onboarding billions of retail users easy, XION is making it extremely attractive for developers to build their projects on it.

XION's Current Traction

XION has become one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the industry.
Socials Highlights
  • 142,000+ members on Discord
  • 165,000+ followers on Twitter
  • Worldwide community spanning 110+ countries
XION Public Testnet
  • The launch of the XION Public Testnet was recently announced, which will serve to battle-test the chain and ensure a successful Mainnet launch
  • The current Testnet has successfully produced over 2,000,000 blocks with top-tier outside validators already onboarded
  • The XION ecosystem already has 40+ top-tier partners with many more in the pipeline
XION Expedition
  • The extremely successful #XionExpedition campaign was launched as a unique opportunity for users to embark on an exploration of our ecosystem, contribute to its growth, and experience firsthand the functionality and innovation that the XION chain brings
  • The XION Expedition also plays a pivotal role in ensuring a robust, optimized network ready for a smooth Mainnet launch later this year as the network and the first products are battle-tested
  • Huge engagement and interest in XION
    • Over 350,000 participations in XION Expedition early access tasks
    • 250,000+ email waitlist to tap into
    • Reached initial early access launch cap within less than an hour
    • 30,000+ verified wallets (only available to Early Access Pass holders, users had to confirm their email with a one-time-passcode to be considered verified)
XION Ecosystem
The XION ecosystem is built around its core mission of removing technical crypto barriers for consumers. It already consists of 40+ top-tier partners who not only comprehend this mission, but are also equally dedicated to seeing it come to life.