Burnt (XION)
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Join the Xion Network

How to join the network with a configured daemon
With a configured Xion Daemon, we can attempt to join one of the Xion Networks.

Select a Network

Genesis JSON
Addressbook JSON
Node Snapshot
  • The Genesis JSON file specifies the account balances and parameters at the inception of the network, and anchors the application state to a point in time.
  • The Addressbook lists a selection of peers for your node to dial, such that it may discover other nodes in the network.

Configure the Network information

For detailed information on how to join each network, please refer to its corresponding subsection.

Start the Xion Daemon

Finally, with all the configurations in place, we can start synchronizing our node:
$ xiond start --x-crisis-skip-invariants --home /home/xiond/.xiond
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