Meta Accounts Design


XION’s modular meta accounts introduce a highly adaptable and secure account creation & management framework.

Built at the protocol-level, meta accounts have a host of benefits over traditional crypto wallets and enable novel Web3 application use-cases. See Generalized Abstraction for more information around use cases and features.


Identity Provider

In the case of social login an identity provider is used to handle the confirmation of identity.

Account API

A set of services used to assist and sponsor new meta account creation.

Abstraxion Library

This frontend library aids in integration with your react front end.

See the repo

Meta Account

This contract along with a custom XION module represent the core of the meta account functionality.

See the repo


The temporary key generated on the DAPP side which is granted ContractExecutionAuthorization by the user's Meta Account on a temporary basis.


A account a dapp may user to sponsor transactions submitted by the UserSessionKey.

Supported Authentication Methods

  • Email login

  • (MetaMask, biometrics, and many more coming soon)


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