Auction Summary

An overview of auctions

The Current Status Quo

The current auction ecosystem consists of either entirely centralized or semi-centralized platforms while traditional auction houses present immense barriers to entry.
These centralized structures are directly antithetical to the ethos of crypto and decentralized finance as a whole. In addition, the centralized nature of platforms today keep out everyday people from being able to participate in new forms of finance while also forcing participants to divulge personal information.

Burnt Finance: The First Fully Decentralized Auction Protocol

Burnt Finance provides an auction platform that is available to everyone in an entirely decentralized setting. In addition, we are able to match our centralized counterparts in terms of both speed and security given our unique technical infrastructure.

Supported Auction Types

Burnt Finance will support a plethora of auction types which include but are not limited to the following:
  • English Auction
  • Lottery
  • Bonding Curve
  • Dutch Auction